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Set up a Sports Club


Anyone can start up a sports club. You don’t have to be a budding athlete or a canny coach. All it takes to found a club is a bunch of like-minded potential members who want to come together and agree on some rules and operating procedures of the club in a constitution. It’s all about structure really.

Sport England offers some great support and advice on how to run a sports club. Click here if you’d like to know more. It’s also worth dropping in on other local clubs in the area to see how they got off the ground and how they keep the membership strong. And you’d be surprised how helpful your local authority can be – they may well be looking for someone for take on a struggling sports facility or just to get the local community involved in more exercise.

Most sports in England have a national governing body, from mainstream footy to niche sports on their way up such as fencing. They can give sound advice and possibly support too. You may also be able to register your club with the body. See the recognised sports on the Sport England website for more details.